Good Morning from Wears Central

Like everyone else across the world right now, we are in uncharted territory. We hope all our family, friends, clients and customers are staying safe and we want you to know we are doing our part to ensure the safety of our loyal auction followers. 


As the state of Iowa begins to re-open, we feel our processes are in line with those being recommended by Health, and government agencies and organizations. Our staff is using recommended safety protocol from our first visit with the clients thru the sale process and final settlement.

There are many benefits to our business model, First and foremost is our ONLINE Bidding process.

Bidding takes place at YOUR personal location, on YOUR personal device, & as we know, that is the safest way to buy right now!

Our main concern at the present time is the physical pick-up of the items you purchase. This is where we have implemented new safety methods. 

  • SELF SCHEDULING: Moving forward we are going to continue to allow buyers to SELF-SCHEDULE their pick up time. As in the past we will be available for a period of several hours. Once you are a paid buyer you will be provided a link on your invoice to access Signup genius. By clicking the link you will be taken to a calendar and you can choose the time you wish to arrive at the pick-up location. We are setting up the calendar to allow approximately 10 people per 30 minute block. We urge you to use this tool. This, ideally should allow you to arrive at your selected time, meet our staff, retrieve your purchases and get on your way back home. With as little social interaction as possible!

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: We want our buyers to feel comfortable through this process. If you arrive at the pick-up location and there is a line of buyers waiting and you choose not to join the line, please let us know you have arrived and you can wait away from the crowd until it is your turn. If you schedule a time to pick up we will do our best to get you in at that time.
    • If you choose NOT to schedule a pick-up time from the app then you will have to wait until our staff has an opening between the pre-scheduled buyers. Those buyers that sign up for a time slot will be taken ahead of those that do not as their schedule time arrives. 

  • ALTERNATE OPTIONS: The other option for those who cannot attend the pickup at all is to send an individual to pick up your items for you, or as always you may call our office and ask if shipping could be arranged. 

  • ADDITIONAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: At the pickups you may see our team in gloves or a mask, we will have hand sanitizer at the check in stand for your use. We have disinfecting wipes and are sanitizing pens and the writing surface after each use. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff about any additional concerns you may have!

We ask that you please be considerate of our staff and other buyers who you may encounter, and if you are sick or may be sick, please make other arrangements for your items.  

We realize these are trying times for everyone, We appreciate ALL of you, our Buyers and those Seller’s that entrust us to sell their items for them. Patience is the key to getting thru the days and weeks ahead. Working together will be key to continue making these sales successful.

Thank you for bidding and please continue.

If you have any Questions or concerns, please call our office 624-3779.

As the situation or mandates change we will continue to post updates here. 

***Many individuals who are out of work, families who are now required to stay home with their school aged children and many small businesses are suffering during this time. If you are able, please try and continue to support your local community in different ways. Buying at auction doesn't just support our small business and the employees on our team - MOST IMPORTANTLY, it supports other individuals in our community who are using the auction method to sell their belongings at this time. Many people rely on their auction proceeds for the next phase of life and it's up to US as a community to do our best to keep supporting the auction method as before so that our sellers and clients don't suffer. In many cases, our sellers can't just CANCEL their scheduled auction - they have to move, have sold their homes, have time limitations or need the money from their sale to survive! 

Keep this in mind when choosing to bid with us. 

Thank you, we appreciate you all more than you know!