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We Do MORE Than Talk Fast!

You can rest easy when you contract with the Wears Auctioneering Team.

From start to finish we tailor our auction services to your needs.

Wears Auctioneering Inc offers professional and reliable services tailored to suit your individual needs. We offer state of the art equipment to make your auction run flawlessly. With over 30 years of experience and literally 1000’s of successful auctions, there are very few auction situations we haven’t handled; personal property, estates, antiques, consignments, farm, real estate, benefits, and online auctions, WE DO IT ALL! Whether you have a few pieces to sell, a house full of items, farm land, equipment, or a rare collection; let the Wears Auctioneering Team provide all the services you need to make your auction a success.

State of the Art Mobile Office

Our one of a kind Mobile Office was built in 1999 and rolled into service in 2000. It was custom designed and built by hand by the staff of Wears Auctioneering one piece at a time. Designed to be a self-sufficient office facility that we can bring to your auction site, set up and perform all the necessary functions that today’s modern auctions require.

  • Wireless internet connection
  • Electrical generator
  • Air-conditioned comfort
  • Computer/Printer/Copy/Scanning capabilities
  • Interior and Exterior Sound systems
  • Secure money handling facility
  • Storage of additional supplies and equipment for use at your auction
  • Mobile, Un-intrusive, Integrated On site Office Facility

Customers can enter the Mobile Office to obtain their bidding numbers and after the auction to pay for their purchases. Clients benefit from the Mobile Office by having a safe and secure facility for our staff to conduct business. The proceeds from your auction are our highest priority, therefore we have installed a high tech, multi camera surveillance system. This system enables us to record and monitor all aspects of the auction process both inside and outside the Mobile Office.

ONLY Wears Auctioneering provides this State of the Art, Custom built Motorhome at all of our auctions at NO CHARGE to the client. We believe your auction deserves this dedicated facility.

Computerized Wireless Clerking and Cashiering System

Wears Auctioneering was among the first Auction Companies in Iowa to embrace and utilize Computerized Clerking and Cashiering software. This not only makes the recordkeeping of your auction easy, but it is great for your customers. No longer do the buyers at your auction have to wait for clerking sheets to arrive at the office. With wireless communications and soon to be introduced "Cloud" technology we can clerk almost anywhere and have the sales to the cashier and ready to be paid in literally a split second.

Guess what, we offer this service at NO COST to the seller. It is just how we do business!

Company Owned Portable Restrooms

Again, Wears Auctioneering was the first auction company in Eastern Iowa and possibly Iowa, to purchase and offer our very own portable restrooms. Our investment in a first-class portable restroom was substantial and proves our commitment to provide only the highest quality services to our clients. Our portable Restrooms are a towable unit that we bring to the auction with us and more importantly take with us when we leave. Separate Men’s and Women’s facilities with hand wash stations and lights make our customers comfortable.

They will leave us comments like,

"those are the nicest bathrooms I have ever seen" and "I don’t do portable bathrooms so I had my husband go in first, Thank you for having such nice clean restrooms!"

Fully self-contained, custom painted and striped to match our full line of equipment we’re often asked to rent them out for weddings and graduations.

Mobile Sound Truck with Custom Built Topper

Many times, the auctions require our auctioneers to be elevated above the crowd, or moving down a long row of machinery or farm equipment. For this purpose, we have in our fleet a Four Wheel drive pick up equipped with an auction topper. This auction topper gives us the ability to scan the crowd from above, thus enabling us to see more people and more potential bidders. In addition to the added vantage point it also offers our clerk a weather free environment to work from. With today’s modern computer equipment used for clerking and cashiering the auctions it is necessary that the clerk be in a controlled environment. The auction topper is equipped with a custom-built sound system so we can project the auction across a large field of buyers.

There is NO CHARGE for this equipment, if we need it to make your auction a bigger success then we are happy to provide it. Another advantage of the Wears Auctioneering Team.

Auction "Extras"

We take pride in our state of the art equipment and services but Wears Auctioneering also remembers the little things. Rest assured that we will have thought of whatever you may have forgotten!

We also provide:

  • Professional sound systems
  • Wagons for display of items
  • Locking showcases for safe display of your valuables
  • Signage for your auction
  • Over 1000 square feet of tables for displaying your items
  • 50+ folding chairs
  • Table paper to create a polished look
  • Tarps - in case of rain
  • Safety cones, parking/directional signs, and caution tape 
  • Boxes for customers purchases
  • Umbrellas (Yes umbrellas!)
  • A variety of tools
  • Cleaning supplies to make your items look great!
  • Lotting and numbering tags
  • Trash Cans
  • Food on sight 
  • Easels and Display racks for optimal item showing

If the lineup of services we offer STILL isn't enough to convince you - head over to our Testimonials page and read what our customers have to say about us.


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