Sell With Us

Want to start the process to sell your items with us? 

 Here is a list of best practices that will help us meet your needs as your auctioneer. 

Email and/or call our office with the information listed below:

Phone: 319-624-3779


OR CLICK HERE to fill out our consignment form online.  

ü Your Full name, Address, Phone Number, and Email address (if applicable).

Please list name and address as you would want it to appear on your settlement check after an auction.  

ü Listing of Items: 

Once you have gathered together your clean, unbroken items to sell, please write/email us a list.  An overview of items will be fine.  It is not necessary to list every item individually, but please give us an idea of the type of items, any items that would be important to advertise, and volume of items you would like to consign.

ü Pictures of Items:

In addition to your listing, if you email us pictures we can insure that your items will be seen!  Not only could they be included in any print advertising prepared, but posted to our website that can be accessed by potential bidders 24hrs/day!

ü Time Frame:


Please let us know if there is a certain time of year that you would like to sell your items, a certain deadline you would be up against (i.e.: moving/closing dates), or a certain consignment auction date that you would like to be included in.


We usually need at the least 3 to 4 weeks before the auction day to schedule consignors, compile all items, and advertise each event.  Please keep this in mind if you want to be included in a certain date.  The sooner you notify us of your items to sell, the sooner we can get you included. 

 **Certain auctions will have our Consignment Form on the auction information page**

It's easy to sell with Wears Auctioneering - we do the hard work, you just need to contact our talented team of experts and tell us what needs to sell. We do the rest. 

We are proud to offer full spectrum service to our clients. Most people don't realize how simple it really is to have an auction. Let us handle it! Call today. 

We have experience in many asset types: 

  • Real Estate - Farm Land, Residential, & Commercial
  • Farm and Equipment 
  • Antiques and Collectibles
  • General Household & Personal Property 
  • Vehicles 
  • Fundraising and Benefit auctions
  • Specialty Collections & Memorabilia

                            AND MUCH MORE.