Shipping & Handling Information

Wears Auctioneering is Happy to offer Shipping for most of our auctions 

Traditionally, our buyers pick up their items locally, but in many cases this just isn't possible for some buyers. For this reason, our team often is asked to provide shipping services. 

Each auction is different, and the shipping and handling policy and/or charges should be listed on each individual auction information page.  

For our general household and personal property auctions, we ask that you please inquire whether we can accommodate shipping of a certain item before you place a bid. This allows us the opportunity to assess the feasibility of removal, hauling, packaging and shipping an item ahead of time. 

In some cases, our team will decline to offer shipping if an item is too large or cumbersome for us to lift, haul or move - or if we feel that we could not adequately package or ship an item for you. In this case, a bidder is always welcome to contact a professional shipping or freight company to inquire as to cost to pickup, haul and ship an item. 

If we can accommodate your shipping request our staff will personally handle the hauling, packaging, and shipping of that item with utmost care. 

We have business accounts with USPS, FED-EX and UPS, so we are able to choose the provider that is the most efficient and effective for your package. 

We will attend to your shipping needs in a timely manner 

As a general rule - our team will charge you the cost of shipping and a nominal handling fee that will cover the time and supplies needed to move, haul, store, prepare, package and deliver your item to the shipper. In some cases if extra arrangements are necessary, an additional fee may be charged for excess labor. 

Don't let "pickup" be an issue again, let Wears Auctioneering ship it right to your door.