Brent Wears CAI, AARE, CES, ATS

Founder, President, Principal Auctioneer

Brent Wears is the founder, owner and principal auctioneer for Wears Auctioneering INC. Brent’s interest in the trade started in High School. He explored various auction schools with the help of his guidance counselor and chose to attend Reisch Worldwide College of Auctioneering in Mason City Iowa in 1979. Brent credits his extensive background in high school drama and vocal music as helping to enhance his skills as an auctioneer. Following auction school he began selling at weekly auctions in his hometown, Solon, Iowa. He continued to hone his skills by assisting other auctioneers until 1985 when he founded Wears Auctioneering. Under Brent’s leadership, Wears Auctioneering has become the leader in innovative auction services in eastern Iowa. Brent has served as Iowa Auctioneers Association Vice President, President, Board member and Chairman of the Board and was inducted into the Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame in 1998. Brent was selected as Chairman of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) election committee, served as the Iowa Ambassador to the NAA, served as an NAA Mentor as well as being elected to the Wyoming Auctioneers Association Board of Directors. Brent was the first Iowa Auctioneer to have earned three certifications from the NAA. These certifications include Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate (AARE), Certified Estate Specialist (CES) and Certified Auctioneer of Real Estate (CAI) – he also holds the Auction Technology Specialist (ATS) designation. Brent is committed to providing his customers and buyers with innovative full service auctions with integrity and personalized, caring service. He was the 2001 Iowa State Champion Auctioneer and the 2018 Wyoming State Champion Auctioneer. 

  • Life Member: National Auctioneers Association
  • Member: Iowa, Wyoming, Colorado Auctioneers Association
  • Member: Iowa Association of Realtors
  • Licensed Iowa Real Estate Broker
  • Elected and served 3 year term on the Iowa Auctioneers Association Board of Directors 1989
  • Elected and served as Vice-President the Iowa Auctioneers Association
  • Elected and served as President Elect of the Iowa Auctioneers Association
  • Elected and served as President of the Iowa Auctioneers Association
  • Served as Chairman of the Board for the Iowa Auctioneers Association
  • Earned Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) Designation (3 year course of Study at Indiana University)
  • Earned Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate (AARE) Designation
  • Earned the Certified Estate Specialist (CES) Designation
  • Earned Auction Technology Specialist (ATS) Designation 
  • Inducted in to the Iowa Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame 1998
  • Iowa Bid Calling Champion 2001
  • Wyoming Bid Calling Champion 2018 
  • Election Chairman for National Auctioneers Association 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Elected as Wyoming Auctioneers Board of Directors in 2011/2012, 2018/2019 
  • Served as Iowa Ambassador for the NAA Membership Committee
  • Served as a National Auctioneers Association Mentor
  • Winner of Multiple State and National Advertising Contest Awards (Wears Auctioneering)
  • Founding member of Solon Dollars for Scholars
  • Served multiple terms on Johnson Country Fair Board
  • Only Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area Auctioneer practicing solely in the auction field.
  • Youngest person to hold office of President in 50-year history of IAA

Brian Tompkins

Auctioneer and Technology Specialist 

Brian has worked for Wears Auctioneering since the age of 9. He started out as a ticket runner when the company used paper clerking. Since that time, he has worked to build his skills in the family auction business to be able to work in all of the positions needed on auction day. He tackled the last remaining role and became an auctioneer after attending World Wide College of Auctioneering in 2007.

Brian has worked with technology in and out of the auction business and played a key role in bringing wireless clerking, computerized cashiering and online auction services into the company's portfolio.

Brian enjoys the auction business and selling antiques, household and real estate as well as helping organizations realize their goals through benefit auctions. Helping to bring buyers and sellers together and get the best price for both gives him a sense of accomplishment. He feels that every auction brings new faces and products that have a rich history and stories which make every auction day an education in itself.

Brian is a member of the Iowa Auctioneers Association and a multi-time Iowa Bid Calling Contest finalist. He served as a board member for the Iowa Auctioneers Association and works regularly in the area helping local organizations with fundraising events. 

Emily Kroul (Wears) CAI, ATS, BAS

Online Auction Specialist, Auctioneer

Owner/Founder Wears Auctioneering West Inc. 

Emily Kroul (Wears) - is a second-generation auctioneer, daughter of owner Brent Wears. She began her career as a child working as a clerk, cashier, and bid assistant at Wears Auctioneering. In 2007, at the age of 17, Emily followed in the footsteps of her father by attending the World Wide College of Auctioneering to learn the bid call. She continued working regularly for Wears Auctioneering as an auctioneer and joined the Iowa and National Auctioneers Associations. 

In 2008, she was named first runner up in the International Junior Auctioneer’s Contest in Nashville, Tennessee. In August 2009 Emily became the youngest person, and only the second woman ever, to win the Iowa Auctioneers Contest. In 2009 Emily moved to Wyoming to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of Wyoming and earned her bachelors in Business Management in 2013. She joined the Wyoming and Colorado Auctioneers Associations and was awarded the People’s Choice Award at the 2010 Wyoming Auctioneers Association annual convention. In January 2012, Emily was honored to be the first woman and first out-of-state member to win the Colorado Auctioneers Contest. In 2014 Emily was named the Wyoming State Champion Auctioneer. The most prestigious of all, in 2018, Emily became the International Auctioneer Champion. 

Emily has earned the designation “BAS” (Benefit Auctioneer Specialist) from the National Auctioneers Association as well as “ATS” (Auction Technology Specialist) and “CAI” (Certified Auctioneers Institute). Emily provides valuable services to Wears Auctioneering as a western states representative as she continues to ply her trade at benefit and general auctions in Colorado and Wyoming.

In 2012 Emily was featured on a new reality show Money Barn which aired on Animal Planet later that year. In 2016, she was recruited to appear on American Idol and was featured on an early episode where her auction skills were highlighted. Then again, she was approached by A&E to appear as an auctioneer on the hit reality show Storage Wars. She has since been a primary auctioneer on the show for 4 seasons. 

Now residing in Idaho, Emily continues to work closely with the family business, helping to run online auctions and participate in large events. She travels the country helping with fundraising events and acting as a contract auctioneer. 

Our Team 



Having been in the business since Brent was 17 and employing his family within the business since they were young, the Wears Auctioneering Team has amassed unparalleled auction experience. Our award winning auctioneers are experts in a variety of auction situations and though we don't 'specialize' in one asset type - we feel that our experience allows up to be experts in an array of specialities - from farm equipment, to land auctions, to antiques and modern household and more. Our entire team is highly trained and experienced, executing precise accounting throughout the auction process from our team of clerks and cashiers, our bid spotters/ringmen are amongst the most highly trained professionals in the area and are crucial in making an auction flow smoothly. You will not find another auction company that can match the tenure and experience that the Wears Auctioneering Team brings to each and every auction.  

Our company has received numerous State and National Advertising Awards. We offer the widest range of services of any auction company in eastern Iowa. We have proven our commitment to service excellence by investing in the first state of the art custom built mobile office, company owned restrooms, computerized/wireless electronic clerking system as well as a mobile sound truck with custom built auction topper. We offer complete set-up services customized to each client’s needs and desires including wagons, tables, tents and seating.


Collectively, the Wears Auctioneering team has over 160 years auction experience and has amassed a total well over over 5000 auctions. 
Awards and Recognition
  • Wears Auctioneering - Multiple State and National Advertising Awards
  • Brent Wears - 2001 Iowa State Champion Auctioneer
  • Brent Wears - 1998 Iowa Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Brent Wears - 2018 Wyoming State Champion Auctioneer 
  • Brian Tompkins - Finalist in the Iowa Auctioneers Contest
  • Brian Tompkins - Iowa Auctioneers Association Board member 
  • Emily Wears - 2018 International Champion Auctioneer
  • Emily Wears - 2009 Iowa State Champion Auctioneer
  • Emily Wears - 2012 Colorado State Champion Auctioneer
  • Emily Wears - 2014 Wyoming State Champion Auctioneer
  • Emily Wears - 2018 Person of the Year, Iowa Auctioneers Association 

Professional Designations

Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI)

The professional designation awarded to practicing auctioneers who meet the experiential, educational and ethical standards set by the NAA and its Education Institute.

The Certified Auctioneers Institute is the most respected professional designation an auctioneer can acquire. Commonly referred to as CAI, the program focuses on developing the skills required to operate a successful auction firm and business.

CAI designees pride themselves on being a part of an extraordinary network of professional auctioneers who possess the knowledge and skills needed to provide their clients with outstanding services. The CAI designation communicates to attorneys, trust officers, government officials, accountants and others affiliated with the auction industry that you are committed to continuing education and are dedicated to professionalism, integrity and excellence in the auction profession.

CAI is a program completed over a three-year period (CAI I, CAI II, CAI III). Every March, auctioneers from across the world get together for a week of intensive training. In addition to classroom instruction, CAI students network with fellow auctioneers and develop lasting business partnerships, mentoring relationships, and friendships.

The following is a sample of the curriculum covered at CAI:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Business ethics
  • Understanding legal, financial and accounting principles needed to run an auction firm
  • Using technology to enhance your business
  • Promotional Strategies
  • Learning effective methods of selling real estate and personal property at auction
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Business Planning
  • Valuing Assets

AARE Designation


Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate (AARE) 
 A professional designation awarded by the National Auctioneers Association’s with customized education and advanced training in the selling of real estate at auction.
The professional designation awarded by the NAA and its Education Institute to qualified real estate auctioneers who meet the educational and experiential requirements of the NAA and who adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards of practice. The AARE designation communicates to prospective clients and buyers that the auctioneer is committed to continuing education and can ethically and professionally sell a real estate at auction. 

ATS Designation


Auction Technology Specialist (ATS)
 Understanding today’s technology and how to use it to improve your business.

A professional designation awarded by the NAA and its Education Institute to help professional auctioneers understand today’s technology and how to use it to improve their business. ATS auctioneers gain experience in conducting live and online static auctions.


CES Designation


Certified Estate Specialist (CES)
 The National Auctioneers Association’s program designed to help professional auctioneers understand how to properly conduct and deal with the settling of estates. The course also educates professional auctioneers on working with family members and dealing with lawyers and accountants.

This professional designation is designed to provide Auctioneers with custom education in conducting estate auctions. Auctioneers are called upon by families and attorneys to aid in the auctioning of an estate. The CES program provides Auctioneers with the professional and legal training to assist their clients with all their estate liquidation needs.

Training includes instruction in these areas:

  • Legal and financial aspects of liquidating an estate
  • Working with estate professionals (trustees, tax attorneys, financial planners, etc.)
  • Marketing to estate planning professionals
  • Role and responsibilities of the auctioneer
  • Understanding the relationships of parties involved in the estate
  • Marketing your auction firm to grow your estate auction business


BAS Designation


Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS)
 The National Auctioneers Association’s program designed to teach professional auctioneers the planning techniques that create successful benefit auctions. BAS auctioneers learn marketing skills and create a business strategy to build their clientele and profits.
The National Auctioneers Association created the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) professional designation to provide advanced training in planning and conducting successful benefit auctions, as well as techniques to establish a successful and profitable benefit auction business. BAS student are taught how to market themselves to prospective clients, aid clients in coordinating a well-planned auction, market the auction and create a fun and exciting event that generates more revenue for clients and auction businesses. Auctioneers are regularly asked to donate their services to charity. The BAS course will teach you how to help charities build a successful auction and articulate them to the value of hiring your auction company to manage their next benefit auction.